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The department of Urology offers a comprehensive range of urological services, with the latest diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive protocols. The department provides a full range of urological services where patients are managed in a multi – discrepancy setting. Renal Calculi Disease, Bladder and Kidney surgeries, Endoscopic Procedures, Pin Hole Surgeries, Prostatic Surgeries, are routinely done.

Urology is the speciality of medicine concerned with the study of the genito-urinary systems along with the treatment of its associated problems and diseases.

The function of the urinary system can be affected by ageing, hereditary factors, injury, infections, underlying illness, or hormonal imbalances that can lead to wide-ranging symptoms ssuch as excessive urine production, prostate cancer restricted urinary flow, frequent, urgent, or involuntary urination as well as pain.

Problems related to nocturnal urine production and emptying are very common. Generally, the bulk of the body’s 24-hour urine output is generated during the day, with less than a third being produced during sleep. To facilitate this balance the kidneys normally concentrate the urine produced during sleep, reducing the volume needed to be stored in the bladder. When this balance is upset problems begin.

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