The Department of Pediatrics is well developed specialties of Neonatology. The Department runs General Pediatric OPD services daily.

Neonatal Intensive Care:

A team of paediatric intensivists and nurses staffs the Neonatal ICU with training in the care of critically ill newborn babies. A full range of services are available including pulse oxymetry for measuring oxygen saturation in the blood, heart and blood pressure monitoring, assisted ventilation, and photo therapy for jaundice.

Sant Parmanand Hospital, the multi-speciality general hospital, has taken another step in providing all-round comprehensive tertiary level care to its dependent population. This facility seeks to fill a lacuna existing in the level of care provided to the newborn. By commissioning the NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT (NICU) the care for the foundation period of our worldly existence has been strengthened.

The vulnerability of neonates, premature and extremely low weight babies demands intensive care and infection control mechanisms. Advancing technology has provided therapeutic modalities and life support systems customized to look after neonate-specific conditions. This has dictated the reorganization of the nursery into a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and a conventional nursery.

NICU & Nursery:

Some of the important services available in the NICU are:

  • Open Care systems.
  • Facility for phototherapy and exchange transfusion.
  • Centralized Oxygen, Compressed Air and Suction.
  • Dragger Baby Log 8000 plus Ventilator with high frequency modes.
  • Monitors.
  • Facility for total parental nutrition and surfactant therapy.

These facilities are backed by a team of reputed and dedicated Pediatricians, Paediatric Surgeons and super specialists in all other disciplines. The consultants are well supported by efficient, compassionate and caring nursing staff.

Back Up Facilities:

The NICU and the nursery are part of a well-equipped modern multi-specialty hospital having the following backup facilities:

  • Emergency X-rays, Ultrasound examination and Echocardiography.
  • Colour Doppler and Angiology studies.
  • Ultra-modern operation theatres to handle any kind of surgery.
  • 100% standby power generation capacity & uninterruptible power supply for all sensitive equipment.
  • Fleet of ambulances to transport babies from anywhere in Delhi. A doctor in attendance can also be provided when needed.
  • Breast feeding mothers are given free boarding and lodging in the hospital. For babies born in this hospital, our care for the baby starts the moment the mother arrives in labour. We have an array of instruments for continuous fetal monitoring till the delivery takes place.

A team of experienced Pediatric and other super-specialty surgeon is always available in case of need.

Relations with the referring doctors:

All babies referred to the nursery are sent back to the referring doctors for subsequent follow-up. We welcome interaction with the doctors during their patients’ hospital stay. A brief description of the hospital management of the baby is sent to these doctors by post, after discharge.

Our Team.