Maxillo Facial Surgery in Delhi

Dr. Manoj Goyal is the head of the Department for Maxillo Fascial surgery. He is a maxillofacial surgeon of international repute with standing of nearly two decades behind him. He received his surgical training from Govt Dental College Amritsar, Eastman Dental Institute & UCL hospital London. He was instrumental in establishing Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Sant Parmanand Hospital, Delhi. His prime surgical interest revolves around maxillofacial trauma particularly Orbital Trauma, Orthognathic surgery, TMJ arthroscopy, Cryosurgery, Dental Implantology, Minimally invasive (Endoscopic) faciomaxillary surgery and Jaw pathology.

The Department also comprises of Dr. Jitesh Sehgal who has done his post graduation from Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences in2006. he has been practising exclusive maxillofacial surgery and has a keen interest in the field of Orthognathic surgeries including correction of Dentofacial anomalies, Maxillofacial trauma including management of soft tissue injuries of the facial region, Distraction Osteogenesis, Dental rehabilitation with Dental Implants.

The various types of procedures performed are:

  • Comprehensive care of complex facio-maxillary traumas including orbital fractures, Pathologies of the Jaw and Face viz. Cysts & Tumors of mandible, maxilla and facial region.
  • Jaw Deformities viz. Facial asymmetry, small or large chin, Temporomandibular joint problems, Reconstruction of facial region & jaws by flaps etc.


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