Ball & socket replacement of femur – Geeta kakrya

I have gone through ball & socket replacement of femur. The surgery is performed by Dr. Shekhar Agarwal. He is very kind, cooperative and patient friendly nature and whatever I heared about his fine surgery, the same I have got.He stood me second day after surgery.
The staff and the team of the doctors is very helpful and cooperative nature. They never give the chance of any complaint. During these five day of my admission, all staff members are self motivated and do their job without asking.
The meal is delicious as well as nutritive and designed as per patient health. I thanks to doctor, his team and all staff members for their cooperative & kind full nature.
Age/Sex : 57 year/F
DOA : 14/10/2016
DOO : 15/10/2016
DOD : 18/10/2016

Pre Operation X-Ray

Post Operation X-Ray

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