Valgus knee – Total knee replacement

Publish Date: March 1, 2017

Sixty year old lady had the history of trauma right knee in 1996 for which plating had been done in some hospital . In the post-operative period the plate got infected and later the plate had been removed. Since then patient had pain right knee on and off and limp. Now patient presented to our opd with long standing pain right knee and left knee pain also from 3 years. Patient had difficulty in walking and difficulty in doing her day to day activities. On examination patient had outward angulation of right knee (valgus) and inward angulation ( varus) of left knee joint. X ray showed large defect in proximal tibia lateral half on the right side. Patient was taken for surgery after proper planning and total knee replacement was done in both knees in the same sitting. Defect in tibia on the right side was managed with a metal wedge and a long stem. Patient was mobilised in the room on third post-operative day.