Two stage Revision TKR with RHK and Stem Extender and Metallic Augment

Publish Date: December 15, 2017

62 years gentleman presented to us with infected Right TKR which was performed 1 year ago elsewhere.

A 2 stage revision TKR was planned. In the first stage primary prosthesis was removed, thorough debridement was done and customized, mobile antibiotic cement spacer was placed in situ. Antibiotics were given for a total of 6 weeks till the infection was eradicated. 8 weeks later 2nd stage revision TKR done with RHK (Rotating Hinge Knee) and Stem Extender and Metallic Augment ( Distal and Posterior Femur Augments / Wedges).

Patient is comfortable and walking pain free with full weight bearing with no sign suggestive of recurrence of infection.

Revision TKR in the scenario of infection is challenging. At our center we have successfully managed many such cases.