Total Knee Replacement : 60 years Old Lady

Publish Date: May 20, 2014

60 years old lady has been suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis for last 30 years. Both her knees got deformed and became painful because of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her left knee became stiff in a bent posture as a result of which it would not touch the ground. She managed on the painful right knee for last 5 years because she thought that the condition was untreatable. Due to excess load and the arthritis the right knee became very painful and stopped taking load. Because of this she became bedridden. One of her friends who had undergone Total Knee Replacement at Parmanand brought her to us. She successfully underwent replacement of both her knees at the same time. Specialised Knee replacement implants and latest surgical techniques helped us to make her knees mobile and straight again. She is now proudly standing on both her feet after months. She came on a stretcher and was able to walk back to the exit of the hospital. Another proud moment for all of us at Sant Parmanand Hospital.