Revision Total Knee Replacement For Infection (Rotating Hinge Knee)

Publish Date: June 26, 2020

77 years old gentleman underwent Left Knee replacement 4 years ago. He presented with severe pain and swelling in knee. Infection markers were highly raised and pus was aspirated from the knee. We were unable to grow any organism. Treatment of infected total knee replacement is highly challenging as it is very difficult to eradicate infection in these cases.
We did 2 stage revision total knee replacement. In first stage all the previous implants were removed and thorough debridement was done. Mobile antibiotic cement spacer was used so that the patient can remain mobile during the 1st stage. Broad spectrum antibiotics were given for 6 weeks. After 3 months the infection markers returned to normal and we proceeded for 2nd stage surgery.
Rotating hinge knee implants were used to substitute the deficient collateral ligaments. Post-operative X-Ray show rotating hinge knee prosthesis. Patient is recovering well from this extensive surgery.