Revision TKR Using Link Locking Prosthesis

Publish Date: February 6, 2019

84 yrs /f had underwent bilateral TKR in 2014.  Left side knee got infected after 6 months postoperative period for which multiple debridement done but infection didn’t subside so stage 1 revision  left sided done using cement sapcer in 2018. Infection subsided and patient was planned for stage 2 revision TKR using Link Locking Prosthesis after 6 months of antibiotic free period with no infection at surgical site

  • Stage 2 revision done with using Link Locking hinge knee Link prosthesis with cement and closure done in layers
  • After the surgery, the deformity of knee has been corrected and she has regained full and stable range of movement. she is walking comfortably.
  • Revision TKR in the scenario of infection is challenging. At our center we have successfully managed many such cases.