Re-Revision Total Hip Replacement

Publish Date: January 4, 2018

72 year old male whose primary THR was done in 1991 and revision THR for aseptic loosening was done in 2006 (both surgeries were performed elsewhere) presented to us with pain and instability.

Radiographs showed loose isoelastic acetabular cup and subluxed femoral head.

3D tissue printing images showed significant defect in the postero – superior wall of the acetabulum. 3D tissue printing is a new technology available at very  few centers in country which allows precise preoperative planning of each patient.

Re-revision of the acetabular cup was done with an uncemented cup and around 40-50% of cup was found to be uncovered in the posterosuperior area for which a trabecular metal augment and autograft was used. Oxinium femoral head was implanted. Femoral stem was found to be well-fixed and was left in-situ. Patient was walking with walker support on second post operative day, he is relieved of pain and has regained limb length.