Primary Complex Knee – Proximal Tibia Fracture

Publish Date: February 1, 2019

53  years old gentleman presented to us with complains of pain and deformity (ROM 20-110) of left knee .  With past history of proximal tibia fracture which was surgical intervened with plate . Subsequently patient developed infection due to which plate was removed elsewhere. After 1 year infection settle down.

Present x- ray shows post traumatic osteoarthritis knee with loss of articular surface of proximal tibia.

We did Total Knee Replacement with LCCK  ( Semi Constrained ) on left side  with tibial side stem extension and graft augmentation for noncontained defect in the postero lateral surface of tibia.

After the surgery, the deformity of knee has been corrected and he has regained full and stable range of movement. He is walking comfortably.