Partial Hip Replacement

Publish Date: June 10, 2017

60 years old lady known diabetic and hypertensive underwent partial hip replacement for fracture neck of femur in 2012 elsewhere. Patient had continuous pain on walking and was unable to walk without walker after this operation. With these symptoms she presented to us in 2013 and on examination loosening of the prosthesis was diagnosed and total hip replacement was done after removing the old implant.

Patient was walking normally for about 3 years post operatively when she again started with gradually increasing pain in hip region and inability to bear weight on affected limb. X ray showed the acetabular component had migrated in the pelvis with large defect in the acetabular floor.

She was again taken for surgery and acetabular revision was done using large trabecular metal cup. Patient is relieved of the earlier symptoms post operatively and started ambulating on second post operative day.