Jatin Lalwani, 22 yr Old Gentleman

Publish Date: March 1, 2014

22 yr old gentleman presented to us with a complain of limp while walking and short left leg since early childhood. He also had pain around left hip for last 3 yrs.  He has a history of infection around left hip and thigh when he was 1 yr of age and had undergone multiple surgeries at that age for the treatment of infection and correction of deformity of hip joint.
He has been diagnosed as a case of developmental dysplasia (deformity) of both hips along with childhood infective arthritis of left hip.
He has undergone cemented Total Hip Replacement and now walking pain free and without any discomfort. His shortening has also been addressed (which is reduced from 8cm – 5cm).JATIN_LALWANI_28_01_14