Health Checkup At SPH

        Sant Parmanand Hospital is a state of art 153 bedded hospital providing tertiary level medical care to the society. The hospital have committed staff who have missionary approach in patient care. The hospital is well equipped to deal any emergency at any time. It total coputerised functioning contribute to a patient friendly ambience.

State of art facilites :-

  • A modern ICU well equipped with latest HP monitors, ventilators and Blood gas analyzers etc.
    managed by trained intensivists.
  • MRI & CT Scan Center
  • Ultrasound, Colour Doppler and Angiolology studies
  • Dexa Scan Unit, Mammography & OPG
  • Dialysis Unit (Heamo-dialysis as well as peritoneal Dialysis)
  • HI Tech operation theatres with Siemen Sine mobile C-arm image intensifier
  • Non-Invasive cardiology e.g, ECHO Cardiology Treadmill Holter.
  • Physiotherapy department with the most modern gadgetry.
  • Round the clock emergency services & Blood Bank
  • State of the art Birthing Center (Maternity Suites)
  • Team of specialists in the disciplines of Aneasthesia, Cardiology, Chest Disease Surgery, Gynae and Obstetrics, Hematology, Internal medicines, Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Nephrology, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Psychiatry, Plastic Surgery, Pediatrics, Radio-Diagnostics, Urology.
  • Trauma services of Delhi Institute of Trauma and Orthopaedics through a team of qualified Traumatologists.
  • Treatment of all Eye diseases, specialized clinics for contact lenses, Retina, Squint including facilities for IOL, Vitreous Surgery, Cataract, Glaucoma/laser and angiography.
  • Vertigo, Speech and Hearing Centre.
  • Well-equipped Laboratory.
  • Well-equipped Dental Unit.
  • Digital X-ray.



Kindly Call to Confirm appointment:- 23994401-10 Extn. 405

Useful information for Health Check up :-

  1. The health check package has been so worked that it takes 2 days (Two hours each day)to complete. The first day will be taken for investigations and the 2nd day will be earmarked for consultation with Consultant.
  2. Please obtain an appointment either personally or on telephone. The date of appointment will mean the day of investigation. Consultation with the consultant, will be on the next working day unless a separate appointment is taken.
  3. On the day of appointment please report to the preventive Health Check Assistant, Ground Floor (Monday to Saturday between 09.00 AM-12.00 PM Room No. 405)
  4. On the day of investigations please report empty stomach. Do not take any medicines, cigarette, tobacco, any fluids other than water (no tea, coffee, milk, nimboo pani, fruit juice etc.)
  5. Bring your medicines with you and take them only when advised.
  6. Bring fasting samples of urine and stool (first morning samples if possible). Sterlized containers for samples can be obtained from the Health Check Counter at the time of appointment.
  7. On the day of consultation please bring all your previous reports, prescription and any other relevant medical documents.
  8. If you are a cardiac/diabetic patient please inform the health check counter.
  9. In case of female:
    a) If you are or you suspect that you are pregnant do not undergo any X-ray examination.
    b) You do not undergo Health Check during your menstrual periods.
  10. The payment will be in cash and no discount will be permitted.
  11. The checks cover only the investigations and examination as given in the Performa. Additional investigations, consultations and treatment if required will be on additional payment.
  12. You are advised to wear loose casual clothes, Comfortable footwear is advised.
  13. In case of corporate tie ups please bring your identity card and authorization letter. Any extra checks, investigation or consultant carried out more than your authorization will have to paid for.

Please clear any doubt before you start Health Check.
How to get an Appointment
Please ring up
23994401-10 Extn. : 405